At Shea-Tech Systems, we build our security systems using only the highest-quality equipment from some of the most highly rated security providers in the industry. We have researched numerous products from various companies, so we can provide you with the best security equipment on the market. Using reliable products that we believe in, from companies such as Avigilon, Bosch, and HID Global, we can be assured that you are safe and secure.

Card Access

Shea-Tech Systems is proud to use both Avigilon and HID Global access control products. Avigilon is a designer and manufacturer of card access and video surveillance software based in Vancouver, B.C. Avigilon is well-known in the industry for designing a powerful, 100% browser-based card access platform that requires no software installation. Its access control platforms are dependable and flexible and can be customized to fit the changing needs of your business. From entry-level solutions to large-scale enterprise systems, Avigilon card access systems deliver quality performance and unparalleled reliability.

HID Global is an internationally recognized leader in the security industry. Specializing in physical access control solutions, HID Global’s list of quality products and services includes IT security, card personalization, visitor management, government ID, and ID technology products. At Shea-Tech Systems, we are confident that Avigilon and HID Global provide unbeatable reliability and security.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Shea-Tech Systems’ video surveillance equipment is supplied by Avigilon. Avigilon is a trusted name in video surveillance; its software is used to protect and monitor all manner of infrastructure, from schools to stores and sports stadiums to transportation stations. Avigilon’s line of products includes world-class HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, and video analytics software. Avigilon boasts a clientele that includes many major corporations on the Fortune 500 list, and all of Avigilon’s video products are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems are an integral part of any security system, and Shea-Tech Systems uses only top of the line intrusion alarms from Bosch Security Systems. Bosch Security Systems supplies electronic protection equipment and communication systems in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its products are used in countless facilities, including government infrastructure and commercial and industrial properties. Bosch Security Systems’ products are innovative and dependable, making them the obvious choice for protecting your facility.

Intercom Systems

Shea-Tech Security trusts Algo Communication Solutions to provide dependable, user-friendly security intercom systems. Based in Burnaby, B.C., Algo Communication Solutions is a globally recognized telecommunications developer and manufacturer with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. Shea-Tech Systems employs many of Aglo Communication Solutions’ products, including audio and visual alerting systems, entry phones, and security intercom systems.

Wireless Networks

At Shea-Tech Systems, we rely on Ubiquiti Networks’ wide variety of networking equipment to keep our security systems running smoothly. Ubiquiti Networks has been providing high-end wireless data communication products for over ten years. Its innovative wireless technology can connect cameras located in remote buildings or on poles throughout your facility over 30km away from the main network. Ubiquiti Networks offers a quality lineup of cost-effective wireless network products that Shea-Tech Systems has come to trust.