At Shea-Tech Systems, we are committed to providing expert security services from inception to completion of all your projects. From the design and engineering processes right through to installation and emergency services, we work closely with our clients every step of the way. We provide quality services to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your facility is safe and secure. Our extensive knowledge of security systems and experience in developing and implementing them make Shea-Tech Systems the best choice for your security needs.

Security System Plan and Design

Whether you are upgrading from an existing security system, designing a system for a new building, or planning the implementation of a multi-facility system, our highly trained engineers are ready to meet all the challenges that may arise. We plan and design our security systems to meet your specific needs – every system we design is custom made to satisfy the unique requirements of each client. Once your design is complete, we will review it with you step by step to ensure you understand the design process and are happy with the system we have created for you.

Security System Installation and Service

Every security system designed and installed by Shea-Tech Systems is tested twice to confirm that it works properly and is up to code. Our installation service is not a stand-alone process; our Installation Specialists walk you through the process from beginning to end, to ensure you understand how your system works. We recognize the value in answering all your questions and helping you become an expert on your own system so you can use it to its maximum potential. Because you will be interacting with it daily, we believe that you should know your security system inside and out.

Security Alarm Monitoring and Response

When an alarm goes off at your facility, you expect a timely response. Whether there is a real threat to your building or someone has just tripped the alarm by accident, it is our job to respond to the alarm immediately. Alarm monitoring is essential to an effective security system, and we monitor all of our systems’ alarms 24/7, 365 days a year. With Shea-Tech Systems monitoring your security alarm, you can be confident in your knowledge that someone is always ready to respond.

Security System Maintenance

Every security system requires preventative maintenance to maintain its optimal performance. It is easy to overlook this maintenance; however, neglecting your system can result in problems that could easily have been prevented by regular maintenance. The performance and reliability of a security system requires the entire system to be running smoothly. If any part of the system fails, you put your business and the people in your building in danger. Shea-Tech Systems can help you maintain your security system, so you can ensure the safety and security of your facility.

Emergency Support

Despite all precautions, emergencies happen. Shea-Tech Systems takes every emergency phone call seriously and provides timely and effective emergency support. In the event of an emergency, one of our knowledgeable technicians will be immediately dispatched to your facility to investigate and evaluate the situation and repair the problem. Knowing that we are always ready to assist you in an emergency is just one of the ways you can rest easy with Shea-Tech Systems.